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Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Can you believe it's already been 15 days since I last looked at this project. How does time fly like that... So here's coming back to it!

My love for online communities and forums has saved me again. Someone’s had a similar issue and it seems the solution found on this forum is rather simple: there's a Frame Rate setting in the Project Setup! (><" derp. Don't you just love the simplest solutions?)

So that was easy! I figured the first step was take a look at the video silently, and determine what time marks I wanted to have certain cues or moments.

I'm not even sure what sonic style I want. I think I originally thought of a default epic orchestral arrangement but it might be neat to stick with the original video's rock sound and see how that could be changed to suit the video in my way.

A Quick Aside: Okay, so immediately after attempting to start writing these cues made me realize I lack the terminology to be descriptive. The armoured girl/protagonist. The Flying tiger. The Arachnoid monster. Let's be correct in terminology and figure out what the main components of this trailer are actually called.

Some research results:

It appears our protagonist's name is Vivien Reid - a Legendary Planeswalker (I'm going to have to leave out what that means... that is a whole section of the internet that is meant for another time. They have backstories and worlds and it's all very fascinating so I encourage you to check it out if you haven't already and are into that kind of thing). All of these cards have some amazing related and extended art too, so here's something to feast your eyes on:

Now the monsters... So this actually took some detective work and I'm not even positive if these are their names(?) But this reddit post seems to suggest that the creatures are possibly as follows:

The Spidery-Vortex:

The arachnoid-vortexy creature seems to be related or at least inspired by a creature named Obosh:

The flying cat:

I initially thought it perhaps could be one of their Legendary Creatures Vadrok, Apex of Thunder seen below but the main of the cat doesn't seem quite right and the cat in the trailer doesn't really seem Dinosaur-like.

But it does look a lot like the dead creature in this card, Offspring's Revenge (I wonder if our Flying cat's going to die by its kids though... intriguing):

So it seems like we have Vivien, Obosh-spider?, and our Flying-cat. That feels very not clear and anticlimactic, but I hope you enjoyed the gorgeous artwork. ><

Anyways, cues...

I'm feeling these following approximate moments could use a special cue/changing moment either with SFX or music:

  • 0:00 - 0:10 actually don't really have music, so I could keep the sound effects and rumbling. But the monster growls at 0:07 and I think I want that consistent when that happens again later in the video on top of music.

  • 0:22 a glowing arrow hits our Obosh-spider!

I felt this next section fitted a 88 bpm with Viviens' footsteps, her scoff, the monster's cry, the first hit between creatures...

  • 0:28 Vivien appears through the fog

  • 0:46 when our Flying-cat makes contact with Obosh-spider

  • 0:58 oh no! Flying-cat is down! Some sort of growing tension?

  • 1:02 Vivien releases her bow - and it's magical and beautiful and ethereal(?) and bright!

Felt a faster-paced 100 bpm with flying-cat's backing off footsteps, crunching into Obosh's leg, stand-off between Obosh and our ghost-spirit, Vivien running away and her landing, her second arrow release, it's impact and the impact of the ghost-spirit being thrown, the steps and opening of Obosh's freaky mouth...

  • 1:06 our ghost-spirit of Flying-cat impacts the Obosh-spider

  • 1:11 our Flying-cat takes a crunchy bite

  • 1:21 Vivien lands on the ground after quite the airy leap and shoots her second arrow at 1:24, whose ghost-spirit takes a hit into the rocks at 1:27 and rhythmic dive from Obosh-spider

  • 1:34 Obosh's mouth opens threateningly

  • 1:38 our Obosh-spider receives a stab and falls at 1:45

A bit of relief(?) and slowing down here as Obosh falls and our companions admire their work before...

  • 1:52 our short-lived victory turns its head to some other unknown approaching

Definitely some increasing tension here until Vivien whistles...

  • 2:05 Obosh-spider is somehow revived and stands back up!

  • 2:13 Obosh-spider's churning hell-mouth opens (yikes!)

  • 2:17 Vivien seems amused and unphased; she whistles for another monster(?) at 2:20

  • 2:21 - end doesn't really have music but could be replaced with different sound effects or allow my music to flow through. If so...

  • 2:22 is when the Godzilla card is revealed and around 2:26 is when MTG placed an impactful SFX for their IKORIA release logo show

Maybe it's because I was just listening to some Emerson, Lake and Palmer this but I'm feeling a ~72 bpm rock piece for this video at the moment. Let's see!


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