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max msp //
// Color-Hearing Interface + Motion Image Relaying Apparatus (C.H.I.M.I.R.A.)  | Interactive
Tabletop Instrument (2019 - ) (currently in further development)

C.H.I.M.I.R.A. started as a Capstone Project for MUSC 420 at the University of British Columbia's Applied Music Technology Program. It is a table-top instrument that manipulates sound with the interactions of colored objects. 

More Info

// Music Adventure X-Travaganza (MAX)  | Interactive MAX patch (2018)

MAX is a 3-voice polyphonic random note generator that allows the user to control various parameters in each voice. These include each voices’ instrument sounds/program numbers, note durations, as well as the octave, step size, and velocity of the notes generated. The first two voices have displays of their respective musical notes and the third voice plays percussive sounds. All voices can be separately turned on or off. They are also in sync with each other through a global transport with adjustable tempo.


Download MAX and Try it Yourself!

// Simply a Sound Synthesizer (SASS)  | Interactive MAX patch (2018)

SASS is a simple 8-voice polyphonic FM synthesizer that allows the user to control various parameters including the harmonicity ratio, modulation index, duration of notes, an adjustable ADSR envelope, vibrato frequency and depth, and tremolo frequency and depth. Users can also visualize audio output with an on-screen spectroscope and oscilloscope.


Download SASS and Try it Yourself!

spark ar //
// Do you hear that? | an Instagram filter series of ear training challenges (currently in development

This series of Augmented Reality (AR) social media interaction interfaces created using Spark AR's visual scripting. It is aimed for use by young music learners. More info here

unity //

My work using the game engine Unity can be found under SUBCLASS in Reincarnation or any of my sound design projects at Virtro Technology.

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