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Off to try new things...

I've been thinking lots of learning and practicing a skill that's has always seemed daunting to me: composing. And what better way to track this journey of learning and discovery than in a blog!

There are lots of little ideas and possibilities in my head that I haven't tried out...

  • like #rearranging other people's songs/pieces into vastly different genres than their originals, or

  • #orchestrating pre-existing 8-bit video game music/themes, or

  • #redesigning the audio of a game's #sound_design in #FMOD, or

  • #re-scoring a trailer, just for practice, or perhaps to completely change it's emotional atmosphere, or...

  • or or or or.. there are just so many options and possibilities!

It'd be a great way not only to study and transcribe works that I love listening to, but also to practice and experiment with different combinations of instruments and genres. It would also be a great way to jump into the land of virtual instruments and play with different DAWs and methods of inputting notes. I think it would be neat to have a written score of the things I write but perhaps not all of these projects will include that. Let's see!

I've learned I tend to doubt myself lots as I always feel I don't know enough to create the quality work I want. However, this isn't about that. This is about a process and the one and only rule is that it happens without self-judgement - that there are no wrong answers/options - fostering a healthy experimental playground for me to try absolutely anything.

For my first little project: Magic the Gathering releases beautifully produced trailers for their pre-releases. And the most recent one was monsters-themed and released 3 days ago! The audio-visual combination seemed a little odd to me with Joan Jett's Reputation. I'll refer to this as #ProjectIkoria. Let's see how I can change it!



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