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Importing video...

So I've got my hands on the video for my #ProjectIkoria trailer (used for personal learning/development only of course!) and had some issues importing it into #Ableton, and went on a whole roundabout journey.

Ableton & Video

One thing I love about Ableton is their documentation; here's what they have on working with video! Unfortunately, I came up with the error which was found word-for-word at this link with solutions from downloading decoders, and file sizes... I followed everything and nothing worked so I figured it was time to try a new DAW I've been wanting to dive into - #Cubase!

Cubase & Video

I've heard of Cubase from time to time, and it sounds like one used among film-scorers. Cubase has this eLicenser Control Centre and Download Assistant that took a while to set everything up but I've finally got my hands on a copy of Cubase LE. I bought a ZOOM field recorder a few months ago, and like many other pieces of hardware, it came with Cubase LE and WaveLab LE!

Throughout the way, I also found out that, during this COVID-19 pandemic, Steinberg has released a #StayHome Elements Collection found here, for free download between April 2 - May 15, and use for up to 60 days! Since I already have Cubase LE, I think I might wait to download this later - get accustomed with the lighter version before activating Cubase Elements with more features. You can see a comparison of different Cubase versions here!

Ok enough of the DAW talk, and back to #ProjectIkoria...

I was able to import my video in Cubase (yay!) and realized the problem in Ableton could be that this video is somehow at 23.98 rather than 30.00 fps. Strange...


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