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Mega Man 2 - Title Screen

Onto the next! Getting the technical set-up out of the way from last time should shorten the time to transcribe this one hopefully.

Original Duration: 44 seconds

Time Taken To Transcribe: 18 (Melody) + 8 (Bass-line) + 20 (Harmony) = #TTTT 46 minutes!

Soooooo... it took about the same time. lol I found this section particularly difficult but super interesting! At first listen, I thought it was a neat measured delay effect but turns out it was more contrapuntal (?) with the first line repeated an eighth note later but landing the phrase ending together at measure 12 beat 4. I liked the short descending line G-F-E every 2 bars on beat 1 and the syncopated bass in this section too though.

Mega Man 2 - Title Screen Tricky Section
Mega Man 2 - Title Screen Tricky Section

(Yes, I see that annoying connected beam in m. 12. Don't be too critical Andrea, Musescore can't be perfect.)

So there you have it! I think this would be a really neat piece to arrange for a #piano #quartet or #duo. I suppose a smaller #duet would work too but I can hear it fuller and richer you know? Especially those shots in the lower voice in the middle section. And different people playing each one of those triplets or something! We’ll see!

Mega Man 2 - Title Screen Finished Transcription
Mega Man 2 - Title Screen Finished Transcription

Next up: Mega Man 2 - Stage Select and Enemy Chosen before our very first character Quick Man!


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