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Totoro Themes

I took my previous blog post’s notes and transcribed ~3 of the main #themes in the My Neighbour Totoro OST. I loved this activity: trying to find the common themes and #motives throughout different musical pieces happening at different points of the film. Another film OST #listening will definitely be coming up!

I had originally thought of trying Finale with this exercise, but couldn’t figure it out in the time I wanted to, so that’ll need to be a separate manual-reading session. #future I really thought different notation softwares would be rather similar like DAWs!

With Musescore, I found the Score layout guide diagram at this link super handy with regards to the tweakable parameters available to have the music fit nicely on the page. I always mix up the staff and the system for some reason.

I also found this Measure duration function handy in creating a pickup measures without a bunch of rests taking up space.

Anyway, here’s the final resulting transcription and audio file played by a piano!


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