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Quaran-Tees I

Updated: May 27, 2020

Not totally music-rated but thought I’d log my process here in case I wanted to come back to it. 🙃

I’ve drawn on t-shirts before and I think I like the process because unlike mediums like paper, you can wear it, and display to your friends and family something you had fun with, and are proud of! (unless you’re an artist and have places like galleries to display your work I suppose...)

Made this t-shirt with some fabric markers based off a cute Venn diagram circulating the web. How genius is a guitar-playing beaver + keyboard-playing duck = keytar-playing platypus?

I’m actually quite pleased I was able to free-hand the animals with just some outlines of the reference image. I found the markers didn’t blend enough for large areas of solid colours but the pattern certainly looked better with more colour. Bit of a catch-22 there. Thinking I could go over the coloured areas with fabric paint if I want to in the future.



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