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Music - Listening to Albums

I wouldn't say I'm any expert to critique any music, but I thought it could be neat to document my personal response because well... music is an #experience! It's not just the content, instruments... but the comprehensive and collective #human experience including a piece of music's #influences (musical, political, personal...), context (historical/time/era, geographical, community...).

I love getting to know the snippets of the "behind-the-scenes" that happened with a piece of art. What's the story behind it? What was the artist going through? Is this a [insert topic] statement? Is it a response to something/someone? Is it a message? A puzzle? What inspired it? Or was it the spontaneous result of a great jam? How long/short did it take to write? How did the general public respond to it at the time vs. now?

Let's dive into some listening!

I can't even begin to list music I feel I should have listened to by now that I haven't so let's just get started! Man, if I were to list the general genres I've listened to over my life, that list would look like a mess and totally everywhere! I find that I get into the same listening cycles and it's hard to branch out because well...

I don't know where to listen to music I don't know about.

It can definitely feel overwhelming, and I'm not even sure I want to structure this in any way (i.e. by genre, era...). Spotify definitely helps these days, with a whole range of albums at your fingertips, and algorithms of related music/genres. Let's see where I go and what rabbit holes I jump into!


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