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(Low)ballin’ blueberries

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

I thought it would be neat to try drawing glass. The #reflections and #abstract light-bending qualities of this material can be so #entrancing. I think those "possible-colours" are what I've found really neat in these small paintings. The glass has "no colour" but you can take an artistic risk to add something that isn't there to portray it in a certain way - a warmth, an edginess, nostalgia, bending and confusing what's #reality and what's #imagination ...

Pencil Sketch

I struggled a bit with the shape of the glass, it kept looking like it wasn't laying flat in a surface, like a 2D object in the air. I think it's because I didn't taper it towards the "bottom" where it should technically be further away.

Perhaps I should've drawn a few edges of #perspective lines showing the tapering of the cup away from me to the left.

The blueberries were fun to draw though! The hardest part was probably not to bump the table or roll the glass and upset the formation of the blueberries inside... That and restraining from eating them of course! ><"

Ink Outline and Shading

I added some shadow and lines in the #glass to capture some of those darker parts in the glass? (is it because they're thicker, or there are multiple layers of glass in front of each other? The shadows of itself being bent?). To be honest, I wasn't sure about the main shadow of the glass, as it looked too straight alone an edge. The blueberries look #tumbly though!

I decided to actually erase my pencil markings this time unlike last time. It looks #cleaner!


At first, I wanted to try a #monochromatic look where it was just one #colour/hue with its #tints (adding white) and #shades (adding black). I think this might be the first time I've used the white paint on these #dollar #store paint #palettes.

Here are a few pictures when I just used a darker blue, black, and white paints.

I tried to fix my glass' shadow with what would appear as a "darker" shadow for two layers of glass. Does light work that way? #Lighting is a total #mystery...

Below, you can still see the white paint #drying here. I wasn't sure how effective it would be, painting white paint over mostly just white paper (vs. on top of previously coloured paint). I think it worked ok to add a bit of "shine" to the glass. I might add more #gray #underneath it before applying the white reflections next time.

I tried to make the poured blueberries darker and more saturated in colour. I really like the five rightmost blueberries. The way the paint sloshed and the water dried in blobs, with some colour over their shadows. I don't think it's especially visible, but I tried to make the blueberries at the lip of the glass, to be visible darker if no glass was covering it, and lighter, when behind a layer of glass. Like here:

#Analogous Colours

But alas, blue was not enough. I ended up #blending in some purple, and even red to a few blueberries to give it more "roundedness" and "pop". I learned these are called analogous colors from this site! I didn't add too much but I think it was enough to add a sort of "glow". Yup, those quotes definitely mean I have no idea if these are the right words... but they're the ones that come to mind when I'm trying to explain.

I think I have to find a better lighting spot to take these closer ups. So many shadows here but this is the best I've got for the final result:

More to come!


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