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Let's get transcribing!

Alright, so I've decided to get more into that #ear_training and improve on those skills #transcribing with #software #notation! I've done a little of this before so it's definitely more comfortable than something like #composing.

I've noticed I can separate a few voices to transcribe them individually, but it's a little harder to hear multiple lines at once, especially extended harmonies found in jazz music. So here's to getting to that point!

I've always used Musescore because it's free! And the community forums are great; there's actually a ton of Plugins that users have made that I haven't even gotten into! There are definitely limitations and I should really start using Sibelius or Finale but for now, this'll do.

I've gotten pretty familiar notating with both the typewriter keys A-G for note pitches and the numeric keypad for note values but now that I have a little MIDI #controller (now discontinued Novation Launchkey Mini), I'd like to see how much faster this can be.

Let's go!


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