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Create with Code - Summer 2020

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

(I think I'll abbreviate these to CWC-S2020 for now.)

Not 100% related to sound but I've decided with a friend to delve together into Create with Code - Summer 2020, a free Unity Learn course! I've worked with Unity before but my C# code skills are still... lacking, and this seemed to be a fun way to provide structure to learn with a friend!

Thought I'd log my progress, process, frustrations, and celebration moments here - can't wait get started.

Today's live session went through lots of starting steps I've been familiar with including:

  • downloading Unity #Hub

  • installing Unity (v. 2018.4.24f1) (#LTS - long term support - meaning regular patch updates will be released for ~ 2 years)

  • installing Microsoft Visual Studio (to code in C#)

  • creating/signing into Unity account (looking at different #licenses)

Can't wait to get started on the course material and blog about the things I learn. I think learning C# could really help my understanding working in Unity not just personally, but also at work, so this is a neat free way to learn. Unity's actually got lots of free tutorials I've been looking at before finding this course. Seeing how this goes, I might delve into those in the future! Until next time!


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