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All "Booked" Up!

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Over the last few months, I've come across so many recommended #resources, I thought I'd start a #list here and perhaps I could write focused blog posts with their own hashtag about what I learn when I get to them!


  1. Fundamentals of Musical Composition - Arnold Schoenberg #Schoenberg_FMC

  2. Models for Beginners in Composition - Arnold Schoenberg #Schoenberg_MBC


  1. Concise Introduction to Tonal Harmony - Burnstein & Straus #BurnsteinStraus_CITH

  2. Tonal Harmony, with an Introduction to Twentieth Century Music - Kostka & Payne #KostkaPayne_THI20cM

  3. Twentieth-Century Harmony: Creative Aspects and Practice - Vincent Persichetti #Persichetti_20cH

  4. A Geometry of Music: Harmony and Counterpoint in the Extended Common Practice - Dmitri Tymoczko #Tymoczko_GM

  5. Voice Leading - David Huron #Huron_VL

  6. Harmonic Experience - William Allaudin Mathieu #Mathieur_HE


  1. The Study of Orchestration - Samuel Adler #Adler_SO

  2. The Revised Principles of Orchestration - Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov #Korsakov_RPO

  3. Textures and Timbres: An Orchestrator’s Handbook - Henry Brant #Brant_TT


  1. Basic Principles in Pianoforte Playing - Josef Lhevinne #Lhevinne_BPP

  2. The Art of Piano Playing - Heinrich Neuhaus #Neuhaus_APP

  3. Piano Technique - Walter Gieseking, Karl Leimer #GiesekingLeimer_PT

Specific Musical Genre:

Jazz. I've been totally fascinated with Jazz and want to learn so much! A lot of these were found in the University of Capilano's Jazz program syllabi.

  1. The Jazz Theory Book - Mark Levine #Levine_JTB

  2. Jazz - DeVeaux, Scott & Gary Giddins #DeVeauxScottGiddins_J (Jazz History)

  3. Jazz Violin Pedagogy Resources - Steffen Zeichner #Zeichner_JVPR

  4. The Real Book #RB (Compilation of Jazz Standards)

  5. Lydian Chromatic Concept Of Tonal Organization - George Russell #Russell_LCCTO

  6. The Music Lesson - Victor Wooten #Wooten_ML

  7. Just Play - Nick Bottini #Bottini_JP

  8. Effortless Mastery - Kenny Werner #Werner_EM

  9. Insights in Jazz - John Elliott #Elliott_IiJ

  10. Straight Ahead: A Comprehensive Guide to the Business of Jazz* *(Without Sacrificing Dignity or Artistic Integrity) - Marty Khan #Khan_SA

  11. 12 Notes: On Life and Creativity - Quincy Jones #Jones_12NOLC


  1. The Game Music Handbook - Noah Kellman #Kellman_GMH

  2. Scales: The Road to Repertoire - Nathan Cole #Cole_SRR

  3. Forgery and Imitation in the Creative Process - Glenn Gould #Gould_FICP (1963 lecture)

Musical Notation:

  1. Behind Bars: The Definitive Guide To Music Notation - Elaine Gould #Gould_BB

  2. The Chop Notation Project - Casey Driessen & Orio Sana #DriessenSana_CNP (Notating AND Learning Chopping on Bowed String instruments)

Technological - Mixing/Mastering:

  1. The Art of Mixing - David Gibson #Gibson_AM

  2. The Art of Producing - David Gibson #Gibson_AP

Misc. and for something completely different...

  1. Foundations of Electric Circuits - J.R. Cogdell #Cogdell_FFEC (I know I know... totally not music right? But I got really interested in circuitry after looking into how hardware like effects pedals can affect sound and I think there's something related in this field to look into!)

  2. A New Approach to Sight Singing - Berkowitz #Berkowitx_NASS (I've heard lots about sight singing and aural skills classes that music students in university need to take - never tried myself so might be interesting to try!)


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