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Photography by Lillian Fu

I am a new media artist and sound designer who loves collaborating, experimenting, and learning. Here you can find my current projects; upcoming/past events, and professional work in music, programming, and sound design. I have many personal interests and occasionally write casual musings on my blog.
Since I was a child, I've been fascinated with different instruments. I started my musical journey with classical piano and later joined a student performance group that shared a blend of Cape Breton, Celtic, and Metis traditional fiddle music. I studied kinesiology in university, intending for a future in acupuncture, but discovered the world of sound and technology while enrolled in UBC’s Minor in Applied Music Technology program, and haven’t looked back since! 
My interests are ever expanding and I love collaborating. Please feel free to contact me to say hi, discuss collaborative ideas, or ask any questions you may have!

“When you play, never mind who listens to you.” 
― Robert Schumann


Andrea Wong is an emerging new media artist and sound designer based in Vancouver and Calgary, Canada. Her musical background stems from classical piano and Canadian folk fiddle. Andrea discovered an interest in sound and technology, and a love for cross-discipline collaboration, during her involvement as a programmer with Sonic UBC Laptop Sounds and Sensors (SUBCLASS) where she worked alongside other musicians and dancers in composing for interactive media art performances. 
Since, Andrea has worked in sound design for interactive media including virtual reality games and simulations. Her passion for experimentation led her to a pursuit of using technology to create meaningful and accessible immersive experiences. With the generous support of the British Columbia Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts, Andrea is currently exploring creative programming and interactive sound sculptures with Brian Topp and spatial audio with Aleksandar Zecevic and Kiran Bhumber. 
Andrea’s current musical practice is focused on creating unique relationships and dialogues through free improvisation. She performs on the zheng with Spencer Schoening (drum set) in an experimental duo, Public Dreams. Andrea currently co-hosts a monthly Improv Karaoke event series and sits on the board of directors of Vancouver New Music. 
Last updated March 2023.
Curriculum Vitae coming soon...
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