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// Captain Hardy's Retirement Party | Secondary Official Language Practice Simulation

Timeline: Jan 2021 - Jan 2021
Role: Sound Design & Implementation
Tools: Audition, Unity, Virtro Audio System

Platform: Oculus Go
Website: Simulations Overview
Captain Hardy's Retirement Party is a custom experience created in partnership with the Department of National Defense of the government of Canada to provide a fun environment for employees to practice their secondary official language (English for Francophones, French for Anglophones). 

Here, users navigate various conversations to plan a retirement party for a co-worker. The more party-planning elements achieved, the better the party! 

Some of the audio features in this simulation which I designed and implemented include and are not limited to: player locomotion audio, reward and achievement sound effects, dynamic adaptive music, interactive environmental audio. 

© 2021 VIRTRO. Used with permission.
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