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| app genre: virtual reality game

Timeline: Month 20xx - Month 20xx
Role: Sound Design & Implementation, Music Composition
Tools: asdf

Platform(s): asdf
Website: click here for official link
Zombie Donuts is an adventurous virtual reality (VR) first-person shooter. With a marshmallow blaster, shoot at the zombie donuts coming at you from all directions, collect bonus treats, and perform trickshots to beat your friends' high scores!

Some of the audio features in this game which I designed and implemented include and are not limited to: tutorial feedback, user interface (UI) audio feedback, interactive environmental audio, action-packed music, sound effects of zombies, sound effects of marshmallow blaster, health and safe zone indicators.

© 2021 VIRTRO. Used with permission.
© 2021
VIRTRO GAMESUsed with permission.
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