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// ArgoLingo | Language Practice VR Game

Timeline: June 2019 - July 2020
Roles: Sound Design & Implementation, Music Composition
Tools: Ableton, Audition, Reaper, Reason, Unity, Virtro Audio System

Platform: Oculus Go
Website: ArgoLingo, ArgoLingo LinkedIn
ArgoLingo (previously Argotian) is an immersive experience designed for students to practice their language skills in a game-based, narrative application. 
Set in a spaceship, players must solve a series of quests through conversation with other passengers and staff members. Theft and crime are abound - are your language and detective skills up to the task? 

Some of the audio features in this game which I designed and implemented include and are not limited to: tutorial feedback, robot companion sound effects, player locomotion, spatialized interactive environment audio, rewards audio for collected badges and gems, cutscene and ending sequence music composition. 

© 2021 VIRTRO. Used with permission.
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